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14 - 28 FEBRURARY, 2001


Auckland & Rotorua                       


Hobart, Launceston, & Port Arthur                 


Trad jazz capitol of Australia


NGJB cartoonThe band members were accompanied by 55 friends/fans on this outstanding two-week holiday of sightseeing and traditional jazz.  Since February is summer down there, the group enjoyed mostly balmy weather and sunny skies (plus some pretty good sunburns).  During the 14 day tour, the band gave 9 performances, many of which were with local jazz musicians and bands. The Kiwis (New Zealanders) and Aussies impressed the tour group very much with their warm hospitality and friendliness - e.g. anyone standing on a street corner looking at a map would most certainly be greeted by a local asking if he/she could help.  All in all, it was a very memorable experience with wonderful sightseeing and considerable exposure to local traditional jazz and jazz fans.  Following are a few of the folks who contributed immensely to the success of the tour and the tour group's enjoyment of their "down under" visit:

World Projects - Bill Lutt & staff

New Zealand - Mione Peach (president of the Vintage Jazz Club of Auckland), Vintage Jazz Band, Tom Cagwin (Piha Lawn Bowling Club), Ron Bridle

Tasmania - Clarence Jazz Fest. & especially Wendy & the sound crew, the sound crew at "A Night in the Gorge" in Launceston, Geoff Woods (Mr. TasJazz)

Melbourne - Ross Anderson and his fine band, New Melbourne Jazz Band


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