The Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society recently announced the results of the poll taken for favorite bands at this year's Bix Fest held  in Davenport, Iowa in July.The Natural Gas Jazz Band was voted 4th most popular in a field of 11 bands including such fine groups as Cornet Chop Suey (St.Louis), New Wolverines (Australia), and Bill Allred"s All Stars (Floriday).

-The Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society , November 19th, 2002

... Sunday “set”. I bet everyone has seen them at one time or another. NGJB is popular world-wide. The band has played in Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, England ...

--Redding Jazz, by Joyce Covey , 1999

"They are blessed with confidence, firepower, endurance, and a lot of happy-go-lucky spirit, a trait that creates considerable good will wherever
they play."
--Lu Watters, 1979

"Natural Gas Jazz Band was the first American jazz band to ever play in our region of the USSR."
--newspaper translation, Barnaul, Siberia, November, 1989

"A Critic's choice for best bands?---Natural Gas Jazz Band for pure musicianship."
--The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA, May 2, 1988

"Lasting empathy between band members and their listeners was created during the midwestern trip, but that quality is virtually a trademark of the
Natural Gas Jazz Band."
--The Mississippi Rag, Feb. 1980

"One of the top bands at this year's Bix Beiderbecke Festival in Davenport, Iowa."
--JAZZ Magazine, 1979

"The dynamic sounds of Natural Gas JB kept listeners energized. This globe-trotting group played with power and infectious enthusiasm."
--Mammoth Times, Mammoth Lakes, CA, July 12, 1990

"With six albums and numerous TV and radio appearances under its collective belt, the Natural Gas Jazz Band is the most accomplished and widely
noted band of this year's Oregon Dixieland Jubilee."
--The Daily Astorian, Oct. 10, 1985

"20,000 fans from all over the world attended the 1980 [Bix Beiderbecke Memorial] Festival. Bands this year included the Natural Gas Jazz Band,
the crowd's favorite."
--Liz Beiderbecke, great-niece of Bix Beiderbecke

"This marks the 11th straight Jubilee appearance of the Natural Gas J.B., whose firepower and finesse have brought it international acclaim."
--Sacramento Jubilee Program, 1986

"The Natural Gas Jazz Band is just that---a BAND. One of the rare examples extant of the almost forgotten art and ability of playing together as a
--K. O. Eckland, OFFBEAT, July, 1985

"The 1985 addition of long-time Turk Murphy pianist Pete Clute to the NGJB's lineup added an extra touch of authenticity to a group whose heart
always was left not only in San Francisco, but specifically in the Dawn Club and Earthquake McGoon's."
--Tex Wyndham, WEST COAST RAG, Jan., 1992

"The band is made up of great guys and their efforts are a very important part of the music we all represent."
--Turk Murphy, 1987